Where to start???


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Hello everyone,

I have a graphic design position at a local company, while there is no real competition we still try to set high standards. I have a degree in MultiMedia and have some technical abilities using Adobe CS packages, but I have no real graphic design training. I have looked up some tutorials and I am a member to certain graphic design forums and magazines but need to expand by skills and don't really know where to start. Has anyone got any suggestions on online courses or any tips on what I should be focusing on.

Many thanks,
Hi Gunkz, you mentioned you have a degree in Multimedia, I would imagine you touched on some graphic design a little during your degree course? The only way to progress with design, is to design, if you have no client work then make up some fictional clients and work on a project form them. I used this technique to fill out my portfolio when i finished university and I worked brilliantly. get out there and check out other peoples work for inspiration. Hope this helps.