Where to find work?


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Hi all,

I’m a logo designer with 14 years of graphic design experience. I’m looking to go full time freelance but I’m struggling to find work.

Can you help by pointing me in the direction of industries you get the most work from for logo design and branding?


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Local businesses. Targeted with custom material.
I thought about this but worried that they’d think that if custom designs have already been done, why should they pay?
or what type of custom designs do you mean, perhaps I’m thinking about it in the wrong way.

Stationery Direct

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As an example, Garages that offer MOTs, how about business cards branded to the garage stating when the next MOT is due, next Service is due for their customers etc, you can then have a standard template that you swap out the logo and contact info. Offer the print as well, 5000 business cards from us are £40, add a mark-up for the artwork and offer the whole lot to Garages for £79/£99 or similar, decent little earner on 1 product if you get enough on board.

I suspect a lot of garages will not have logos at all and therefore require logos and other items, you need to offer them something to get your foot in the door and get them talking to you.

Just an idea.


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Usually it's just a conversation starter.

You don't have to do an entire food menu for example.
You could pick a part of the menu and say - hey it could look like this.

Same with company logos in your area that you feel are missing something.
You could approach them with an idea for improving their logo.
And this then leads to new marketing materials and updates across the range.

Don't just think a garage will want business cards - but NCR pads, stationery, pens, t-shirts

If they like one of your logos straight from the ones you draw up have a set price.
If they want to customise it further then you can charge more.

There have been 4 new coffee shops open up, a barbers, new refurbished pub all on the same street where I am from.

In the past I would have targeted these empty buildings with my business card, inserted into a small portfolio that has a jacket for holding the business card - just slipped through the vacant property letterbox.

You can start by calling local businesses and introducing yourself. Then pop by later with a quick portfolio for them.
Once they see you can make the logo - do the stationery, pens, t-shirts, overalls, signage, leaflets etc.

There's a tonne of messages online that you can 'draw from' to get their attention


As Stationery direct said - get some generic templates and swap the logo in.

So you should be able to come with a meaningful presentation

And don't do this - it is boring
1. Who are you
2. What you do
3. What you can offer

Do the presentation like this
1. Who are they (the client)
2. What do they do
3. What do they need (new logo, refresh, rebrand, consistent branding across social media)

Focus on them - don't make the presentation about you.
Have your information at the end.

Their Logo on the front cover big and bold
Your logo underneath but a bit smaller
Make them the focus

Some info about you - maybe your website/email/phone number in small writing

Page 1
A short demonstration of why consistent branding is important (as per the link I showed)
dress up the stats - dress to impress
You can continue to Page 2 and 3 with this if you feel it's necessary

Facing pages
Page 2
Their logo - their current marketing (print and social media)

Page 3
Your idea - swap out their logo and clean up their marketing material for consistency

Page 4
Page 5
Keep going with your ideas if you like
Maybe introduce marketing materials like NCR pads, umbrellas, pens, t-shirts
(all with new logo)

Page 6
Page 7
A short presentation on yourself and contact info
or maybe page 6 shows more marketing stats about branding
And page 7 shows your info (inside back cover)

Page 8
Back cover

Once you make 1 presentation - you only need to update a couple of pages and some marketing material with new logos.

You basically have a template going forward.

You can print this out by a professional printer or send it by email.

Visualisation is key - most people cannot visualise.
How many times someone has asked me what the logo will look like on a white cushion and not an orange cushion.

First impressions last.