Where do I stand owning 'TheBookOfEli.co.uk'


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As you may know the new hit film out at the cinemas is, The Book of Eli. And out of complete curiosity, I purchased the domain name, TheBookOfEli.co.uk, .com was already taken but Im assuming somewere, someone out there would be interested in this domain, so.. you know? where do I stand, what can I do, any were I can sell this? ...
You may have been able to do something with it if you had ensured it ranked well on search engines for the term "the book of eli" or similar before the film was actually released, although the search volume for that term is pretty low anyway > https://adwords.google.co.uk/select/KeywordToolExternal

...as it stands I don't think you can do anything with it now.

If you had purchased "avatar" or a blockbuster film domain then that would be a different situation all together :icon_wink:
Hmm yeh I understand that, I'll keep trying to get a blockbuster haha, even though I hear this film is doing quite well and a lot of people are enjoying it and are saynig its one of the films of the century... although I haven't gone to see it yet haha.... thanks for your reply though boss
The main thing with domain names is that you need to be using it for a genuine purpose before you try and sell it. Otherwise you can have your ownership challenged by someone who has a genuine use for it especially if they have a trademark on the domain name. Even if you just throw up a load of links to other sites or ads relevant to the domain name.

Generally for movies and games the publishers don't bother too much about the domain name, you will notice most of them are Avatar Official Movie Website or James Cameron's Avatar: The Game . They know they won't be using the domain for very long and don't really have to worry about seo or anything because of the huge marketing push around the release.