When printing text on mugs...


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Hi all,

I was told by the company I purchase the mug press from that when printing text on to mugs, I must tell the printer to print in reverse.
(otherwise text comes out back to front)

So, should I do that or should I just swap the image/text from left to right in Photoshop before printing?

I am thinking that would be the best bet as otherwise, anything else on the image will be back to front... I am correct... right? lol

example: (for argument sake :) ) if I wanted to print something like an arrow wrapping around the mug to where your lips would touch (for a right handed person)
and the text 'lips here'
Is this something you're printing yourself at home? If so, then I would assume you print in reverse just like you would a t-shirt transfer. Either of your methods would give you the same outcome, i.e. flipping the image in Photoshop then printing it the correct way, OR telling the printer to reverse the image before you click print would both give you a transfer that is "mirrored".

If you're having these printed by an actual print company, then I'd imagine they'd be competent enough to print them the correct way so long as you make it obvious.
Thanks Paul :)

Will be printing them myself at home.

The idea of reverse printing is making me cringe lol, as I said, if it was just text, that would be fine but combined with pictures etc :/

Thanks for the advice mate, much appreciated.
Go through the options in the print dialogue box (the box that pops up where you can select paper size, print quality etc) there is an option usually on there called 'Mirror Image'. Just click that and it will automatically flip the image so when you then press the mug it will read fine.