when previewing my site in dreamweaver


The webpage will not show, this is because the facebook like button code is stopping the preview on localhost ...

Now I know there could be a simple solution which would be to remove and add the code when finished modifying my website ready to upload to the server. But is there an easier way?

I do A LOT of editing to my pages and having to remove the code to see localhost previews will get tiresome

I fixed it, it was just bad coding from fb for their button "//facebook.com...." instead of the workable "http://facebook.com...."

when previewing on local the document kept searching my disk for "//facebook.com ...."

(this can be deleted now, I looked to see if I could delete this thread but I can't find anything)

DreamWeaver preview shouldn't be relied on as it often shows different results than expected.
The best way to test is just keep a copy open in Chrome or FireFox then refresh the page.
Yeah, I didn't explain as well as I should have at the time.

I was previewing in a browser, it was just a matter of the "//" searching my local machine because I was previewing from local host (all be it in a browser). Made me feel stupid for overlooking it when I found it!