What to do????


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Hi guys

I completed my ND in Graphic Design in '93 and then took my life in another direction regrettably!

So now I want to revert back to my designer roots and pick it up again and get some more training and a decent qualification and portfolio behind me.

Any advice on where to start as I will have to do this while fully employed in Devon. :icon_confused:

All or any help would be much appreciated
I wouldn't worry too much about the training/qualification. Most design is self-taught anyway, and enrolling on a university course is likely to just eat into your time and money. I'd focus on the portfolio and taylor it to the sector or even specific companies you would like to work for, if that's your goal. Want to design apps for a living? Design some! Websites? Do it!
Thanks Paul

I just don't know where to start.
I really like branding and typography and have done a few bits for mates over the years but nothing major.
Branding and typography are the two essentials of any designer. If you can develop a strong brand and know your typography (as in typesetting rather than custom lettering), then you can make a living.