What to do with web work?..


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When I get enquiries regarding web services, I pass them on to a mate of mine who runs a Digital Agency. Unfortunately he's been rejecting the jobs as he's 'too busy' with big budget stuff and so this has left me in the situation where I've had to tell 3 prospective clients that we're currently reviewing our web services so cant help them, which is obviously not a good thing to have to do and I'm worried it reflects badly on me.

Problem is, I don't know what to do now!? I don't want to start building sites myself as I always end up designing round my very limited knowledge of code which makes the outcome fairly stifled and boring! Do I continue to say we don't do web work, do I find someone else to pass the work onto for a finders fee or do I find a coder who wants to do the code/script side if I do the design work and pay them a fee per page?

Any thoughts?
We can help to ease the backlog if needs be. Happy to work on a you design/we code basis or take the whole thing. A % finders fee would be fine but you'd generally have to deal with the client so we can take a back seat and code. Maybe PM me if interested.
Also happy to take on smaller websites for you - working from a design suits me down to the ground but I will add I’m in no way a web developer so nothing too technical!

Can send a PM with more information of what I can/can’t do if you’re interested.
Thanks for your replies. The reason I don't do web is because my degree pre-dates CSS so all I know is how to create websites from circa 2003! If a coder is happy for me to forget everything I think I know about the limitations of tables and html and make my designs work then that would be perfect either on a finders fee or pay per page/site basis.

Clients are small businesses with fairly simple needs and locally my direct competition is Blaq Design ... so no competition at all! lol
I’d be inclined to keep the business in-house as it were and use additional web designers/developers to suit each job as needed. Much like you’d use different printers for different things. Stick a markup on the price to cover your costs (dealing with the client, design and so on) and retain the business for the future in case you decide to turn your hand to it.