what size should i make my website?


My name is Laura, im just starting out as a freelance graphic designer. I am currently trying to build my website. But i do not know which is the best size for my site...600px by 800 px, 1024px by 768px??
Any advice much appreciated.

Thanks for your time

The 'standard' (he says hesitantly because nothing is standard on the web) nowadays is 960px wide if you are going for static width. Remember that screen real estate can go from 400px wide (smartphone) to a 50" Plasma (web TV) but it always depends on audience and where you 'expect' people to be surfing your website.

We settle at 960px most of the time.
One of the 'hot topics' within the web design industry at the moment is 'Responsive Web Design', which is about how sites should not be designed with a fixed sized canvas is mind, but instead be flexible for different browser sizes. To better illustrate what I mean try resizing your browser window when viewing this site: www.informationarchitects.jp/en/

If you want to try and make something like this then the Less Framework is a good resource. It's a CSS grid system for designing these adaptive websites. It contains 4 layouts all based on a single grid.
I'm new to web design and just wanted to know what exactly a 'safe area' is? And is there a certain size that will stop viewers having to scroll?

Thanks for your time