What should i do?

Hi Guys,

I have just been contacted by a friend of a friend to do some design work for them. They want a logo, buisness card and letter head designing. No problems there, but how do i go about working out a fee for the work i will complete? And how do i save the letterhead so they can type on to it, PDF won't allow? So i should construct all in illustrator or indesign?

Anyone with information that will help please do so, even if it appears straight forward this is my first bit of work in the outside world since leaving uni!!

If it is your friend or any other customer you just need to decide what is a fair price for the time it will take you to do. Being just out of uni I would not expect to pay you as much as I would pay somebody who has been in the business for 10 years, although I would not expect you to do it for free.

You can actually set PDF's up so they can be typed on although the easier route would be 1) Get the letterheads professionally printed (check out my signature below) then just overprint, or 2) Create a header and footer for the letterhead and pop it into a word file.

Hope that helps.