What should I charge?


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Hey. I've just had my first meeting as a freelancer :icon_cheers: and now I need to send over a quote and I don't know how to price myself.

The company designs top end mens accessories, well crafted leather bags and wallets etc. He wants me to start straight away getting some business cards done for next week then there are 2 web sites he needs doing at a later date plus brouchers, postcards etc.

Would it be best to charge per hour, day or by job? Then how much is a reasonable price? I obviously dont want to scare him off.

If any one could offer some pointers I would much appreciate it.

Many thanks.

To get you started: think how much you need/would like to earn a week - for instance - and then estimate the time it will take you to produce the work required... This should give you a very rough indication of the cost.

However, you need to DOUBLE the estimate you get from the calculation above since you will always under-estimate the time spent on calls, meetings, revisions, emails, project management, etc... so by doubling this figure, you will be on the safe side.

Having said that, this is a very rough way for you to get started.
There are many other factors that should influence your quotation and I prefer not to get into details because this is a very broad topic with so many personnal opinions.

Good luck!

Price per job and be realistic. Understand your costs (direct and indirect) and the margin you need to achieve.
As a guidline £60ph for design?

I would advise you give him a price for the job.

But, work out how long you think it will take, then charge a rate per hour and work out the overall cost.

That's generally the best way, although not how we do it. We charge for the job without taking into account an hourly rate, mainly because we've got enough time to do so and we're more comfortable charging relative to the logistics than the hours they'll take.

As I say, the best way is to work out your hours and go from there, but I find charging the customer the fee for the job is better than a per hour rate.
Yeah, that's the problem.

The dilemma is also whether to charge how long it will take you or how long it should (if you were in the swing of things).

It can vary dramatically. For a job I did it took about 2-3 hours for the business card only, the logo was provided before hand.
Just been working on a business card for myself - taken 2-3 hours at least due to playing with colours, fonts, style etc.