What magazines do you read?


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What magazines (work related) do you read on a regular basis, either in print or online, and if you care to expand why do you prefer one over the other.
Is it bad to say that I tend to steer away from mags and use the net more for keeping updated? I just can't justify paying over a fiver for a design mag, when it could easily be spent on a copy of front magazine and some cashew nuts.

Work subscribe to design week and I occasionally pinch it, but I find it slightly uninspiring.
The net is live and a medium accessible to the world, therefore you're seeing the best of the best (and the worst of the worst). My honest, although perhaps a little ignorant, view.
Computer arts, Computer arts Projects & Indesign magazine are all quite good but freakin pricey at times, so reading the articles online is a good solution
I'm with NeedForBleed....... I would rather spend my money on Heat magazine to have an unwind at lunchtime:icon_smile:

I just find the prices of the mags a bit ridiculous.
I don't subscribe to any printed mags but scan them for articles that I'm interested in or will find useful. If there are enough, I'll buy. If not, it goes back on the shelf. I usually get the "special" issues, like Creative Review's best-of-the-year etc.
Thanks for all your replies, interesting stuff especially those that read online mags, personally I prefer a printed magazine, but I must admit to a fair amount of page flicking in Smiths before I part with cash.
I have been a subscriber to Computer Arts for nearly 2 years now. I like the back catalogue that you collect and can go back to when im stuck for inspiration, not to mention all the tutorials etc.
We just get the IPIA (Independent print industries association) magazine quarterly which we are a member of, but you can also see it on line. Other than that, no industry magazines