What is this effect and how much would it cost to get done?

Alan Smith

New Member
I really want to know what the name of this effect is and how much it would cost to get a similar style achieved on one of my own pictures. 11066507_10153166885367720_7216866441968884602_n.jpg
If it's in a magazine it's probably a commission. There's tools/filters that can give you something similar (check out 'low poly styles', but I'd wager that this is done by hand. As for cost, it's a piece of string, depends on who's doing it I suppose.
Looks like a custom illustration to me. Probably done in Photoshop or even the face done by hand with a few splatter brushes added.
Looks too exact to be filters involved. If you want something exactly like that you would have to contact the illustrator. Cost? £500 ish, but depends on
who's doing it, like Paul says, and how good you want it.