What does a printer cost?


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At work we have a Canon C3050 Imagerunner which takes paper stock up to 300gsm and does a pretty good job of printing short runs of leaflets & proofs. I don't really have the space at the moment to house a full size printer but nevertheless it got me thinking about the cost involved in buying/leasing this kind of machine. Google seems to be no help at all so I thought I'd ask on here if anyone leases/owns a good quality printer and what it costs?
Don't know what prices are like now but a guy I used to contract for had a Xerox Phaser (don't ask me which model lol) and he was paying about £150 a month plus a per click of 5p for A4 Colour and 1p b&w
I have had a few Xerox machines now, the Xerox 700 cost around £1000 pm to lease, plus clicks. The 700s are readily available on ebay for around £8k-£10k to purchase, but if you wish to use a click rate from Xerox for maintenance, it will need to have below 2 million clicks on the machine otherwise they will not deal with it.

On a cheaper side, the first machine I had was a secndhand 242 which only cost £2k but cost me another £2k to get Xerox to put onto the click maintence system.

Have been renting leasing photocopying machines since the beginning of time... digital printers since 1992. Xerox 700, Oces, Canons... Now we have the forerunner to the Xerox 700 the 242* which we rent from Xerox (get toner and maintenance free) for about £100 pm + click charges. We had previously a cheap 2nd hand Canon and reckon that with toner etc were paying more per click effectively that we are now all in. Sam was about right on the click charge - though everything is negotiable! Don't buy Xerox 2nd hand they will not be willing to take on a maintenance contract without 'refurbishing' it, go to a dealer and negotiate hard! Or let me know when & I'll put you in contact with someone reputable.
*Engineers (who are a good judge of machines) reckon it is as good as the 700. Little more basic but a wonderful machine.