What do you think?


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Hi. As i am new to the forum and absolute begginer in marketing myself, having website and so on i would like you to tell me (honestly; i will take any comments, even very negative) what do you think about my web and my work inculded in it?
It is very importanat to me to know what people with more experience think of what i am doing.
Thank you in advance.
I think the site layout looks really nice; it's good to the eye, clean, stylish and does what it has to do.

I think I'd maybe make the main text ever so slightly darker as, it might just be me, but I feel like I have to strain my eyes a little to read it.

From looking at the work my assumption would be that you're more of an artist than a designer - I like your drawings and the artwork which is good, some of the abstract stuff is nice.

For the flyers and things like that I'm a bit less of a fan and there's something about them that feels a little basic still.

But with the artistic side of things I see no reason why that couldn't improve.