What do you think of this logo?

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I'm no logo designer by any stretch of the imagination, however, to save a few pennies for now in order to see if the site takes off I have done one myself, do you think it looks o.k?

I'm no expert either but I like it as it is simple and to the point and the graphic conveys what you are offering. :icon_smile:

Though I just wondered if you intended the line between the mouse buttons to be off-centre?
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To be honest the mouse was the main part I wasn't happy about, I actually drew it after copying an image I found online, does it look like a mouse?

What do you think about having a cutesy illustrative mouse incorporated somewhere, too much?
A real mouse would be cute but I wonder if nowadays a computer mouse is a mouse in its own right and people may not link a furry mouse with a computer mouse. I think it looks fine with the mouse you've drawn - just make it symmetrical and maybe add a short squiggly wire coming out of it. I think its as good as any professional image.:icon_thumbup:

If I was told to come up with an image for mousemat printing I would have come up with the same concept!
For what its purpose is mate you've done a good job there.

I also would maybe just add a wire coming out of the mouse and either have it run under the mat or maybe connect up to one of the letters.

Good job though.
Circular mouse mat

Straighten up the M again, and turn the O into the mousemat instead, cut into it and have the mouse going into the cut out area. Ensure Printing spreads across the bottom of the upper text.

This will look much more professional and the whole design will be more neat and cohesive. Make the O slightly larger than the rest.

I'd recommend that www.mousematprinting.co.uk be a url at the bottom of the two words like a tagline. It's easier to read that way and doesn't interfere with the logo design aethestics.

Best Wishes

I think it's pretty good although i'd make the M out of the mouse cable?

Upload it again when you have completed it :)