What do you think of my portflio?

Get rid of "I will be cheap" for a start!

According to my dictionary : "cheap ... of little value, or considered to be so; paltry; inferior; vulgar" etc.

I know the images turn to colour when you hover, but it all looks a bit black and white. I don't like that font at all, don't think it works.
Yes, I've had someone else mention that hated word. I'm going to change it to 'good value'. I quite like the black and white / hover to colour effect and feel it gives the user a bit more interaction, but if anyone else feels the same I'll think again.. Not a very useful comment on the font, but I've had other comments on that as well so it is something that I should change.. Thanks for the reply
It's just that it's an old-fashioned display font from the seventies, and fills in a bit when small and blue.

I can't talk, I still use Gill on everything!
yeah it does. I liked the retro, colourful look at first.. just looks a bit random now!
Its a nice portfolio and you have done some great design work. The use of the green is not to my own taste, I dont think it works in your overall design, maybe another shade of blue would be usefull as a highlight or a more neautral tone and the italics on you about me section loook a bit out of place but other than tat is a good showcase of your work,
Cheers Matt :).. I did have a different title banner up with a green word in it at first, so it went with that when I put it together. Thanks for pointing it out. And i'll probably change the italic to regular. I wasn't too sure.. Ha. I like the name and your site, keep up the good work!