What Do You Think - CRAMA

Not seen it before or heard of it although I do quite like the style, liking the black Saville Hooded Jumper so yes I probably would buy it if the price was right.

Just out of interest where is it available to buy?
Hi Guys

Please take a look at this streetwear clothing label and tell me what you think?

Would you wear it or buy it for your man? Have you seen it before?

crama | mens fashion

I'm not sure what your targeted demographic is, however to respond to the question, I most likely would wear a fair few of the items listed, HOWEVER i'd be unlikely to purchase the Hoodies/Jumpers purely because I cannot see the garment properly, maybe its just me? but its hard to distinguish details on the black ones. But i suspect i'll probably really like them if i can see them more clearly.

a quick Fyi, I'm a 23 year old male if that helps any towards demographics etc.
from a girls perspective if I saw a guy in one of the tee's I'd be like yeahh thats a cool tee haha :icon_thumbup: