what do you guys think

Had a quick look and just spotted a typo of sorts:

Every web-page on your website are (should be is) uniquely designed and user friendly to allow search engines to easily access all areas of your website with ease, thereby allowing your audiences to easily find you on search engines. Not all traffic is good, so we endeavour to direct the right traffic to your website, that's why we are 1st Klass Designs.

You've also got one too many easily's in there, as well as an ease.

On the our services, Web Design page there are a couple of typos.

Hmm, actually there are quite a few typos and imperfect language and I'm a teensy bit half-cut at the mo so can't be arsed to correct them all. I think you need to print out the site, grab a coffee and carefully read it all.

Give me a shout if you want me to help more... just in a few hours when the beers worn off!
hey cheers, im dyslexic probably why i havent spotted it lol...i was up till 5 am building the site also, but great shout thank you
Just a quick thing: I noticed that at the bottom of the "Latest Offers" section you include an email address but I think its a bit hidden within the rest of the body copy. Maybe make it a mailto: link so it stands out a bit (however if you decide to do this then remember to hide the email address in your page source to help prevent spam).

I also think that things in the twitter panel like "Join the conversation" should be a different colour as they are hard to read in the current colour scheme.

Ping me a message if you need any help.