What do you charge for a business card design?


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I've been charging £130, colour, double sided (+printing) and all my clients have been happy so far, but I now have one quibbling over the cost, does this seem too much
It depends how long it takes you... If its some amazing card design that is innovative and unique then I dont see a problem with that.. if your just dragging the logo onto a 88x55mm face and playing for 20 mins then yeah, you are charging too much.
show us one of the cards you charged £130 for and we will give our honest opinion
I would say that you're worth what the client will pay so if you can get £130 for your time then go for it. But if you're finding those clients few and far between then perhaps you should reassess the situation.
Agree with the above - it really does come down to time, but I can't say I've ever had to spend long enough on a business card to get anywhere close to charging £130 for one.
I am in the £30 bracket too. It all depends on how much work is needed of course, but I have never got near to £130 for design / artworking a card.

Depends on customer type and budget I guess!
I charge flat fee of £20 per card, unless they are really bespoke designs then i charge £40. But i freelance so its different.
As part of our pricing for business cards we allocate £30 towards the design element. So if we outsource we pay up to £30. If the design is bespoke then we discuss this with the customer explaining our 'allocated fee' is not enough. Most designs have fallen under 'allocated fee'. We couldn't get away with £130. If we did they wouldn't come back.