What Digital Production Press???

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Has anyone got any advise on choosing a new Digital Production Press, we currently have a Konica c6500 (5 years old) and are looking to invest in a new machine of similar price range.

Any input would be appreciated.

We have a Konica Biz Hub Pro C5501 or something similar to that code, it is 4 years old.

It's awful and would not recommend it to anyone...we'll be looking at a new press soon too so it would be nice to see if anyone has any suggestions.

Our Konica has huge issues with coated paper, registration and pulling through double sheets. It has an engineer out almost every week trying to sort one thing or another. It is completely unreliable to to mention highly annoying and time consuming sorting out the issues in house to try and print a full run for someone.
I see some digital machines using wax inks now. They're great for environmental friendlieness - but beware that they are wax inks, so going through a toner machine that applies ink would cause that wax to melt.

Not so great after all - and then there's laminating, that would also cause the wax to melt.

Word of warning to check out what materials the printer you invest in uses and what the limitations of those materials are.

I'd recommend looking at the OKI range of printers. Great quality, service and they last years.