What camera?

Hi Guys,

Been a while since i have posted on here, very busy as i hope you guys are!?

Currently i have been doing lots of work within the food industry, where i am amazed just how much free food you get (Mmmmmmm Cake) :) Although sometimes i do think my clients think its some sort of payment for the work im doing! :icon_rolleyes: !!!!!

Anyway.... i was hoping to get some advice on something! What camera do i get?

I am looking to buy a new camera in which i can use for a large variety of projects. Below are a few things that i will be using the camera for:

- Food industry (close ups of dishes and kitchen work)
- Golf Club (Long distance images and also close up outdoor shots)
- I have also been asked to do a supercar show thats local to me.
- General pictures for research and library

Don't get me wrong i am no photographer (although i am qualified) its just been a long time since i have played around with shutter speeds and so on! So i am not that sure on whats out there at the mo!

I know there are lots of cameras out there, so what are your guys thoughts?

What camera do you use?

Do any of your friends have good cameras that you could recommend?

I have currently been using a friends camera which is rather good

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Any advice or information would be much appreciated :icon_thumbup:
I would go for a digital SLR, so you can get a really decent macro lens for those close up food shots, and a really decent wide angle for those shots where you need to fit more in. Personally I have an Olympus E410 as my camera body, with two different lenses so I can get varied shots. I got this because at the time it was an exceptionally good deal. I would always get the best camera I could possibly afford at the time, that way it will last you, and you'll have no regrets of "ooo maybe i should have spent the extra fifty quid and got the super duper one"
I use a Canon 40d and a Canon 7d. I think they are both pretty brill, and there are LOTS of lenses available for Canon mounts.

Maybe start with a 550d? Same wide-range of lenses, but less money than a 7d...
I recently got the Nikon d3100. It's a decent price and the kit lens is OK, though not so amazing that you won't want to upgrade at some point.