What are your views on Geometry?


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Does anybody here feel strongly about Geometry in Graphic Design?

If so, would you be so kind as to express your opinions and responses for the following questions, it would be a great help for my dissertation.

- How long have you been in the design industry and what have your roles been during this time?

- During your design education, if applicable, were you taught about grids and geometry? If so, was this stressed much?

- Do you believe geometry is important in design? Why do you think this?

- What is it about geometry that fascinates you?

- Do you find yourself using geometry subconsciously in your designs or are you always aware of it?

- Do you feel that geometry in design is still respected as much today as it once was? Please explain the reason for your answer.

- Do you use geometry to make a design more legible, to make a design more visually appealing or both? Please state why you do this.

Thank you,
Final year Graphic Communication and Design Student