What am I doing wrong? Every time I download logos from Google they have a grey patterned background, even Nike!


I've asked this before, but haven't found a resolve. Super frustrating. Please see pic attached. Am I doing something wrong? It used to be easy to get non background logo as a PNG, but now they have the pretend Photoshop patterned background and I can never find the right one. Please help! Thanks! xxxxxx :)))))) :rolleyes::cautious::censored:


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or somewhere like this (there's loads of sites like this)... the template side on this one is useless though.

As to the issue, most 'png' files aren't actually transparent png in google search, it's basically to stop people doing what you're trying to do.... in most cases you'll need to go to the site and then download the file from there etc.

Personally I'd just find a vector version instead, it's usually quicker and can scale etc.