Welcome to the xbox 360 giveaway competition


We're currently running a competition, the prize to the winner shall be a new xbox 360 (250gb).

i4 Visual Media Ltd are looking for budding young designers to design a concept image for our site home page and one inner page.

What we're looking for is 1 concept design (feel free to design multiple), We are expecting the competitors to fully design a home page and one internal page. the design should be eye-catching, appealing but most of all the design should be professional and corporate.

We're listed on the front page of Google for the keyword "Website Designers", we're position 8 right now but that changes every so often, we were position 4 not so long ago, it dances around a lot but we have good traffic so anyone who can make a design for us will have it seen instantly by thousands of people each month.

We have a well established reputation within the local community and we have a very large customer base spanning all over the Uk from Essex all the way to Scotland, we're highly customer orientated.

To sum this competition up
1 Concept home page design.
1 Concept inner page design.

As for the prizes;

1st Place: XboX 360 [250gb]hdd
2nd Place: Dead Space 2 or COD: Black ops (Console of Choice)

Some ground rules:
-Competitors should be living within the Uk.
-The colours should be designed around Black, White & Blue.
-The Font for the logo and any headings should be in the Arial Rounded format, Matching that of the logo on the business card.

I've also attached the company directors business card: An example of the kind of thing we are looking for. This is the exact colour range of blue that you need to match.

This is a great chance for any young budding designers to show us what you've got, and who knows..... we could even use your services in the future!

If anyone would like to find out more > http://www.i4visualmedia.co.uk/competition.html

Feel free to contact me here or via PM.

Mike from i4 Visual Media

i4 Visual Media Ltd
Unit 7 Durham Road
SS15 6PH