Websites design verticle table split - half scrolling?


Hello guys, bare with me here - I am really bad with web design and development, however hopefully someone will point me in the right direction with at least wording so I know what I need to research?

I am going to start redesigning my current website portfolio to be more contemporary and less tedious to use..... turns out click-to-view images can be a right pain, not only for myself but for my viewers! Not a good idea....

I want to create a design based around a page that has two sections. The left side is menu and options, whilst the right side contains all the information and images.

The left side with the options stays where it is without moving, and the right side scrolls up and down, without the whole page moving with it. Do you get what I mean? I am looking everywhere for an example as it seems to be used quite often recently but I just cant find one!! Not good....surely someone may know what I mean though?

All I need is maybe a point in the direction of a tutorial on how to code this, or even just the wording I should be searching for to help me find the information I need :/.

Thanks in advanced guys!
Arhh! Life saver! Now I can actually make a move on what I had in mind. I have a rough idea of those terms though - so it's not all foreign language to me at least. Thank you so much! You have truly made my evening. I have been searching blankly on Google for a while now.....
No bother. Glad that's what you were after. If you get stuck with anything, just get back on here and we can all help you out!
:icon_notworthy: Don't you worry about that. I'll be right onto it if something does crop up! Thanks again.
Oooooh! That looks useful - I shall definitely find a way to make use of this. Very much appreciated, thank you.