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Hi Everybody!

This is my first post here… I'm a recent graduate and looking for work while doing a bit of freelance, mostly wordpress websites for local businesses but I want to get into an agency, either as a UX guy or graphics design. So, could I please get some criticism on my website and it's content, what do you think of the work there? Do you like using the site or what?

The site is

TIA! Much appreciated!

Hi Jason,

To say your work on your website looks so professional and modern, the website itself looks like it was made in early 2000. The colour that you have you used for your menu and UI at the bottom looks really faded and de saturated.
If you do want a website designing, I work for a graphic design company that do websites and we would be happy to help you as your work deserves a much better website to make it stand out.

Kind regards,

Thanks Sam,

I see what you mean about the UI, could really do with some stronger typography etc. It was a bit of an afterthought if I'm honest as the concept behind the site was to really make the images the focus and the hide away content and stuff - it was the best solution that didn't involve me rebuilding my WP theme and messing about with PHP for hours on end - again! I think it might be time for my annual site rebuild haha!
If its a portfolio site you're aiming for why not look at other portfolio sites and take inspiration from them? Or, if you'd rather find a theme that involves minimal editing, shoot over to theme forest and have a look at the portfolio theme offerings.
Yeah, it's a folio site and I've done stuff for clients off of those themes but I'd rather spend time and do it myself and learn as much as I can, since there'd be no deadline etc. Just not sure if it merits it or if I should work on spec work or a personal project like an App concept or something instead.

What do you guys think of the work on it? Like, has it got a good spread of different projects, should I try to specialise on something more, diversify and add something like a video project? Is there any gaping holes in any of the projects, like something that you just feel is missing, an error in how something's been presented?


From what I've seen of the work, it looks good, though I can't find any details at all about the work/project itself. This is bad, both from a user-experience perspective, and an SEO one.

The design of the site itself is lacking hierarchy particularly with the details about yourself, and that scrolling description is awful to use. If you're set on designing something yourself, look into Modx as a clutter-free CMS and keep the design simple and to the point.
Yeah, I agree on the site design side of it. I'll change it about a bit over the next week and ask for further feedback. Thanks!
Why is everything SO BIG?! Always better to see a small image as well as or instead of a project title.

If you don't want to look like you're fresh out of Uni, don't have a recent work title 'Typography'. :icon_smile:
Hi everyone, thanks for the feedback! I've came up with a few screens for how I want it to look and an idea of the IA for my site but I've been offered a job :D so I'm busy trying to get everything sorted to move out and get started… The site re-design has became a bit less of a priority just now but I'll get on it soon ish.