Website where I sell 2D vector assets


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Hi, I'm fairly new to the world of graphic and web design, I have a website where I sell 2D vector graphics and was hoping for some advice or feedback about what I could do to improving my site or the artwork. I am fairly new to all this so any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks.

I think the vectors that you have clearly put more time into look great, but the more simple vectors that would of taken less time aren't appealing to me, as they lack sufficient detail. I'm by no means an artist but some of the stuff you have on there are so simple (eg. the Nature vectors), and would hardly take any time to create myself for free, so why would I purchase them. You need to try to keep the same level of detail with all your vectors. I feel you got a bit lazy with some of them and just added a gradient to finish it off. Your Background vectors are great, your Weapons are cool.

Your best work are those that have a bit of depth to it and a slight 3D element.

As for the site, the whole site could do with a tidy to be honest; the Asset Store could be displaced much nicer. Compare your Asset Store to your Amazon Store.
You have to look at it from a buyer's point of view, eg how often would someone need a set of guns, for example. I think the type of image that sells well
is business-related, people, editorial, etc. And yes, you need a bit more detail in them.

Hi, thanks for the reply. It wasn't so much laziness but more that I felt like there wasn't enough on the site so I added some quick ones but I guess it really does come down to quality over quantity. Anyway thanks for the feedback and I will look into tidying things up a bit. Thanks.

Hey, yeah I actually thought about putting my art there, I actually have some of my photos of their photography website I think it's called Photo Dune. The only real reason I have my art on my own site was because I was learning about web design and making my own website was good practice.