Website redesign + FB like button


It's taken far to long, but I finally got round to redesigning my personal website ( a little while ago and then over the last few weeks slowly tinkering away fixing any bugs that I noticed, but I've now got to the stage where I feel quite happy with it. I do plan to integrate the whole site to run on Wordpress at some point in the future but at the moment only the blog section is powered by it (although hopefully from a visual perspective you would not notice any differences).

I've been staring at this design for far to long so if anyone fancies checking it out and letting me know if you spot any mistakes..or any problems with the design itself then I would be most grateful!

Also I'm interested to hear what peoples opinions are on my integration of the Facebook "Like" button on my blog posts....a bit tacky or a good use of social networking? Personally I kinda like seeing that some people have "liked" some of my blog entries as it means that I know someone is actually bothering to look at them :icon_tongue_smilie:
I like it, it's very BIG and bold which is a lot different from the stuff I do but lovely and easy to read.

I spotted a typo(?). Bottom left where it says 'Get in touch', you have the line: Keen in something similar? Guessing that should be Keen for something similar. Or indeed Looking for something similar.

I wasn't that keen on the red and orange 'Hi, I'm Liam and I'm a Graphic Designer.' on the homepage but loved the 'Modern Greats' poster you did.

Hope that helps.