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Hi all, tx for everyones replies and advice!

We decided to go with someone who advised us to get the graphics done, but stay with Jimdo, and redesign it. Although the site still isn't finished, we're loving the graphics he's done so far, what do you reckon?

site is

and our forum linked to the site is

opinions welcome, personally im chuffed! As i say, he hasn't finished yet, I just didnt want to leave this post up now we've decided to go with his graphics!

tx again to all, and if anyone has an interest in poker, we'd be happy to see you in our forum, and feel free to browse the content available on the site so far!

Hi there, this is my first post on this forum, and my first post anywhere about this subject, so hopefully i wont offend!

I'm putting together a website, and need some graphics designing.

I've no idea at all about cost, and i know that nobody wants to post a price, but if somebody could post or PM a ball park figure between £x and £y that would be a great help so i know if its even viable, i wont be taking the quotes too seriously except on a 1-1 basis but an idea would be great, can anyone stick there neck out??

We do have some money set aside for this, im not requesting free work in any way. (I did read the please read this sticky lol - do not ask for free work lol)

We have a pretty specific idea of what we want, including sample ideas. As it's all for one website the images would all be fairly similar.

We would need:

Main site header using logo
2nd site header similar to first, and a link to it, similar to both but smaller.
a few banners different sizes
a few small adverts diffrerent sizes
couple of logo related pics - email header, page break, footer, small things to dot around site all similar, just slight vairiations and colours.
perhaps flashing gif advert

I've put the website together myself, all I need are the listed image files.

Any takers?

Tx for reading

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Hi Rick, welcome to the forums.

Have you got any of those sample ideas/images you talk of and a brief outline of the website (possibly a link?) to post up? I'm sure that would help people understand a little more of what you want, although you've done a good job of describing your needs so far.

I'm sure someone will be able to help you out :).
lol Xenon that would of been far too sensible...

Wasn't sure how much detail to give...

Website is:

Not advertised yet, content needs some work, but just put site up live, so graphics need sorting asap really. need some forum members before launch, so had to put site up early.

I quite like the main header we already have , but the chips look cheap. We'd ideally like a fairly similar header, but with nicer chips. Obviously the forum link is rough, but it gives u an idea, tho looking at it, i think i would prefer something far more similar to main header.

We would like an SPS logo, possibly involving a shark, this could be incorporated onto a poker chip, with shark poker school written round it. These chips would replace the ones on forum header, site header and forum link, and would also be used individually as small images. Obviously different colours etc. Id prefer the chip to look like a photo of a chip as opposed to a drawn chip. if that makes sense. Same chips on forum and site would tie whole thing together nicely.

all the other images would obv stem from the logo and or the poker chip.

any other information be useful? Sizes are all fairly standard, and similar to the ones we have currently. Banners and ads would vary in size, but i can get the details.

Oh, and we also need a new favicon lol.

Oh and sorry if this sounds a bit specific, i'm open to ideas!
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Perfectly happy to give you a good idea of my own figures:

Logo - £300

Main site header using logo - £50

2nd site header similar to first, and a link to it, similar to both but smaller - £25

a few banners different sizes - £35 per banner if each design is different.

a few small adverts diffrerent sizes - As above

couple of logo related pics - email header, page break, footer, small things to dot around site all similar, just slight vairiations and colours. - £20 per icon, this price is a bit more vague/guessy though compared to the other prices.

perhaps flashing gif advert - Sorry don't offer animated adverts :)

Hope that helps!

tx for all pms so far and tx to VLAHA for some up front pricing indication :)

A bit more detail of whats required:

Site is

The main site header is very similar to what we would like. Also I like the purple/blue/cyan/black kind of colour scheme going on.

Images required:

Logo - SPS

Favicon - SPS

Chip - Selection of colours mbe 2 sizes, one for site header, and one for page breaks and footers.- SPS or logo in centre, SPS - SharkPokerSchool - Get your teeth into the tables! or SharkPokerSchool written around the edge, mbe shark on it as well>? Chip needs to look expensive, like good quality clay poker chip used in casino, and preferably photograph not drawn.

Site header (current size) similar to current - to include shark(s) pref photos again, and chips. also site name, as on chips only SPS will standout as larger font prob.

Forum header (current size)- not similar to current - similar to new site header

Forum link (current size) - small version of forum header? Or similar?

email header - small logo, with line across page and tag line tbc

Home page pic (small) - Small pic to brighten up home page - ideas?

Maths content page pic (small) shark with maths symbols floating about?

Poker articles pic (small) ditto but words

Adverts - wide banner, half header height, and long banner, one inch approx wide. Also 2 or 3 small simple ones.

Small shark pic with SPS on?

Small stack of poker chips with SharkPokerSchool on outside edge?


I'd suggest that the chip is the most important part - needs to be photograph preferably.

Logo can be quite simple as we can use it inside chip if we need a larger more interesting image for stuff.

With this in mind perhaps a good example piece would be just a nice casino grade chip with any letters in it instead of SPS - not usable by myself, but a good indicator mbe? No real idea how to choose between people apart from price, and not sure how people wanting this kind of work avoid paying for a lot of stuff they dont like? Any advice on this area very welcome! Anything as good or better than the main header is now, who does everything linked together with similar theme gets the job, but no idea how to decide who will do that lol. Very new to the whole idea, not sure how it works.
Tx again to all offers so far and all offers to come!

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No real idea how to choose between people apart from price

Well to start, look at their portfolios, this will give you an indication of their design skills. Also take a read of this which will give you a few things to look out for with regards to the logo design side of things....

Logo Design

Have a look at our portfolio:

The Set Up Design, London Graphic Design Agency | Design agencies | logo design | Thames Ditton Surrey design agency | designers | Graphics | branding | web design | advertising | design company | companies UK

I see you already have some prices for the various elements you require. They seem to be fairly standard as prices go, and we would charge a similar amount.

We can also provide flash animation for your website if required at approx £300 per movie. Adaptations of this movie can be done much cheaper once the initial concept is designed and approved. say about £50 – £100 per adapt.

We can also offer animated GIF files if you prefer.

I am relatively new here, so I haven't got a fully set up profile, however feel free to ask anything else.

angie - cheers :) and i was thinking the same - very welcoming forum this is, vgd to see.

damon - tx for the advice, and yes point taken on the portfolios - it does give a good general indication, but again leaves me with the problem of not knowing how theyll deal with this project! Im bound to like some of their work, and not like other things they've done. I suppose theres nothing i can do about it - having looked around im very tempted to just throw some money at it and find out lol, but thought id ask first :)

Good link on logos, tx for that. Wise words, and a bit of common sense - you get what you pay for.

Strange how things snowball, also looking now into getting the whole website redone - if we shell out for nice logo/graphics , seems a shame not to shell out for a layout thats exactly what we want (Kind of restricted at the moment, as we've designed the site ourself using a website creation site.) - If anyone has an opinion on that idea i'd love to hear it! Keep layout and just use nice graphics, or go the whole hog? Having looked into it a little, its free to do neither, x to do one, but not much more to do both? The only drawback besides extra cost is making it hard to update and manage - tho again pay more and someone does that too.... ahh decisions decisions :)

Assuming we can decide what we're doing, we'll be needing it asap. Tx to all whove replied so far. damon and xenon - if you ever need some m8s r8s poker mentoring, give me a shout :icon_biggrin:
website redesign

Hi Rick,
I was thinking that based on the amount you are likely to spend you may well do better to develop a custom site.

I have had a look at your existing website and we could certainly do something for you. As a ball park figure: Depending on the functionality remaining the same, we could probably produce a website and logo design for about £3,500.

As far as managing the content we could look at providing a content management system or we could provide all inclusive management for a small monthly fee.

It is probably something that we would need to discuss further if you are interested.

Wow Angie, you certainly charge a lot. That's not to say it's not the right fee for your service, but it still seems a lot.

Actually that is a reduced rate. Considering that for that price you get logo development and artwork, a bespoke website with content management built in if required. All flash animations, banners, download sections and contact forms with SEO built in at foundation level.

I think you will find this is pretty competitive.

individually priced that would break down as:
• logo design £400
• Flash animation £300 per movie, with £50 charge per adapt of same movie to different size.
• Main site header £60
• Secondary header £50
• Email header £50
• Banner design £40 (five in total according to spec) = £200
• Miscellaneous illustrations £30 – £60 depending on complexity at least four included on spec

total (approx) £1,310

Additional elements at one inclusive cost:

• Image sourcing (at least three according to spec) or photography
• Website design style development
• Website build in hybrid format
• Content management system as required
• SEO incorporation at base level
• W3C compliance built in
• Hidden emails contact form
• Upload of all reference sheets as required
• Web testing and launch

one cost £2,190

That makes the whole website and brand development £3,500

My apologies if I sound defensive, but it's quite a comprehensive job and I would say you get what you pay for in most cases. We wouldn't take a template and adjust it we would develop a unique site and provide a complete bespoke service.

hope that clarifies the cost a little.
Hi Angie. Sorry if I came accross in the wrong way.

I can see how you earn your money there, and with your portfolio behind you that's probably fair play.

It still shocked me a little, as we've been undercharging due to lack of experience and portfolio, our most expensive site to date we charged at £400 which encorporated:

  • Website Design
  • 10 page [front end] Website Build
  • Hand coded from scratch Content Management System including features:
    • Text formatting
    • Image Upload
    • Bespoke Archive Feature
  • Email set-up
  • Website Testing & Launch
  • RSS Feed Manipulation x2
  • Sliding News Bar Feature
  • Random Selection Header [4 images either side]
Granted, it was our first website and we didn't even have our own site up at the time, but you can see where I'm coming from.
No Problem.

It does sound like you have been underpricing your skills. Although we have all done that to get a portfolio base to work from.

I wish you all the best, but I would increase your prices if you feel you can as a lot of people will look at a price that is too low and think they will be dealing with amateurs.

Just to give an idea: The cheapest website I would provide would come out at around about £1,200 which would include the basics but not include CMS or backend functionality, other than perhaps content forms etc.

all the best