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We've been making some changes to our website ( and it would be great to get a little bit of feedback from you guys.

Everything from the visual design, code and content has been updated. The blog section is running on a Wordpress installation with a custom theme coded to fit in seamlessly with the rest of the site.

Now obviously we've been staring at this for far to long which makes it almost impossible to spot minor faults and design issues so we would really appreciate it if you could let us know what you think of the new site?
Only thing I'd flag is that the three columns toward the bottom are wider than anything else on the page, which jars slightly. I'd also align the New Service bit to the right-hand side if I was being picky (and there are one or two other bits inside which look a bit untidy down that side alignment-wise).

Nice looking site, though.
I think it looks great, really nice and modern and the blog integrates seamlessly like you say.

Good job!
I love your site! Looks really professional and fresh!
Just a quick question, you say your blog is running through Wordpress but what did you build your site with? I'm quite new to web development so I like to find out about different tools and techniques and any information you could share with me would be really appreciated!

Good work :icon_smile: