Website feedback please!


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Hi everyone

I've been working on a website - Frettutor - The Free, Online Guitar Fretboard Learning Resource - and put it online a couple of days ago. It's the first website I've made before, and the idea is that it's to help beginning guitarists learn their fretboard.

Anyway, I would really appreciate a critique of it, partly so I can update and improve it, but also because, since I'm self taught, this is as close to getting your work marked as it gets... I'd like to know things to avoid for next time.

It'd be great to get feedback on the looks of the site, but I would also really appreciate comments regarding the layout/usability. It's more of a web-app than a website, and I wanted it to have that sort of feel to it, but I don't know well that actually translates, especially for a new user. Also, if you play guitar, please, give it a go, and tell me whether it's actually of any use, or what could be improved!

Sorry for the essay, any comments/advice are much appreciated!


I like it. Think you've done a great job. Even down to offering text alternatives to images. Great stuff :icon_biggrin:
WOW impressive in terms of here it is and it does something.

BACK, should be home page or HOME - i had to guess this.

i could not quite make out what im supposed to do so perhaps your first page should be some instructions.

now, make it play a sound :)

but still what an awesome little ideA!!:icon_sneaky: im jealous
I'm not sure what is supposed to happen when I say, click on 'strings' - I was expecting to see strings on the decorated column in the middle but just see blue dots. When I clicked on a note I then expected to see that show on the strings in the central column - so a bit confused.

I'd say why not just show the fretboard further down the page instead of using a lightbox for it. For me a scroll down is easier than opening up a lightbox obscuring everything else.

Like where it's going though.