Website Design Ideas


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Hello Everyone,
I am a freelance web designer and I am working for a client who needs to get his website done I wanted to know some types of website design that can be the best to go with and make for my website. Can someone tell me some ideas that I can go with to consider the website design for my freelancing projects?


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That's like asking someone to do them a logo without knowing what the name of the company is or what they do.


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I feel your pain! I hate designing my own stuff, I'm just never sure it's good enough for what I want. But it always ends up better than I thought.

Give us some examples of what you have done to date - perhaps we can critique those and give you some pointers!


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What marketing strategy does the client plan to use? This will drive the direction of the website. You can then create the content, adds calls to action and trust marks. You can work on information flows, customer journey maps and sort it the internal navigation. Add any special functionality and the site will be almost good to go. Play with the CSS to make it look pretty and it’s job done.