Website Design Feedback Needed


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I am a software engineer, but as I have been creating websites I have been trying to sharpen my Web and Graphic Design skills.

I just re-launched one of my more popular websites Securely Send.

I would love any feedback that anyone may have in regards to the design/layout as well as any recommendations on how to distinguish from other similar services through design. Also feel free to sign up for a free account, as we have a lot of graphic designers using it to send large image,comps, and videos to their clients.

Thank you


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I idea is great, just not original. I use which does the exact same thing, only difference is that it looks quite interesting and visual with cool background images.

I think your site is clear but doesn't show much design flair.. in other words, if the 'Securely Send Large Files Send messages and large files up to 2gb in size for free' is your main message, shouldn't it be much more inviting? Just looks a bit dull in my opinion.

Sean Lee-Amies

It just looks like you have used a template or basic theme. It's clean, but it's boring, probably not a good design point for a technical product/service. Take a look at the wetransfer site Alex mentioned above - that's good design.

What did you want to achieve with you site re-design? What did it look like before? What type of people are you trying to target for your service?