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Hi Guys

Just after a rough quote at the moment to see if this is even possible financially, ideally there maybe something out there already that can be skinned and adjusted as needed which would be a better option than bespoke to keep costs down.

O.k, a selection of categories where members can upload artwork, pieces are judged by members of the public by clicking like or something like that, this sorts the pieces by the amount of likes, giving a top 3 in each category.

Any ideas, advice?


Hmm, it's very hard to give a ball park figure, as everything needs to be done bespoke. Perhaps we can discuss this over the phone or email? That would be better. Let me know!

Have a good weekend!
Ive recently started working with a digital agency who are dealing with all our web stuff. Would you like me to run this past them for an idea of pricing or has the above post answered your questions?
Thanks Dave and all who have responded, got a rough idea as to the best way to go about this and costs now, so just need to have a think as to if it's worth doing...