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I'm a graphic designer/illustrator,

I've been working on a website CV, which is simple in style so that the artwork is in focus, with navigation via text links along the left hand side and/or within page information.

Is it too simple?

Your comments on both illustration/design and website design would be gratefully received.
Thank you
No problem at all - glad you're still awake to post the link too, from what I have just seen it looks pretty good.

I will make a few honest opinions for you though. First things first is you've got some nice work, you clearly have some talent (especially as an illustrator!) I love how the colours you use are so soft and neutral - they're very pleasant, so well done for being so good.

As for the portfolio website itself what I fear is there is a lot of white. Admittedly the best way to let someone see your work is not to take attention away from it, which I think you're doing well at - it lets them look at the work and not become distracted by something else. I think the problem there though is that because it's a website and not a book it is much easier to navigate away from the page and move onto another piece of work quite quickly.
Another thing about the use of white is that I find that too much of it is harsh on the eye, it's like looking at a bright like for too long? I think you some bring some of that neutral colour you use in your work back into it!

I'm not sure on the font colour though. It definitely compliments the work though which is where I think you were going with it - have you tried maybe a soft grey? (just a suggestion, I don't know if it will work but it might need some playing about with!)

Lastly I would suggest giving the segments some breathing space. I don't know what screen resolution you have designed to but the text and images are a little to close together and it looks a bit uncomfortable.

Wow I feel so harsh, looking through all that makes me just feel so mean but I don't mean to say any of that in a nasty way at all!! I think your work is fabulous, you're very talented as an illustrator - I think you should just look at some of those bits I mentioned and see what you think? Feel free to bat me down if you like though, I'm not one to talk (Just take a look at mine website, it's hardly outstanding), but I do like to give some feedback on what other people work on.

I really like the look and feel of the site and agree with Rapidrat when he says what a talented illustrator you are. Fantastic work.

Shame about the quality of HTML markup mind you. Looks like it was pulled together in Dreamweaver 'Design View'.