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I've been trying to leave my current place of employment for about two months now, but I haven't had much luck. I feel my current portfolio ( is hurting my chances when applying for new jobs.

I'm looking to find out what the overall first impression is when someone sees my website. Is it lacking? Do I need more pieces, more variety? I want to create more pieces to add to it, I'm just not sure where to start or what I should focus on.

Literally ANY and all advice would be so incredibly appreciated.

My website currently serves as my portfolio at


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Welcome to the forum.

It's good that you've categorised your work but I found that the front page seemed to be lacking as it looks like you only have for pieces of work and you have to click through to see more.

Maybe try to have about twelve of your best projects for people to see when they land on your folio?


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Words! You need more words

On the homepage tell me about yourself and what you do.

Each and every image needs it's own page with details about the project, who it was for and if it is still in use. Adding a testimonial will help.

Put your contact details in the footer of every page - email, address, telephone. Add a picture of you as well (it really helps).

Your 'about' page mentions your work. Link each of these to the project pages created above.


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It is a bit lacking in both quality and quantity. Don't give up the day job yet. In the meantime, try setting yourself some private projects, redesign
some bad logos, put together a few briefs of your own that you know would look good on your home page. It is very frustrating when you work
somewhere and you know you'll end up with almost nothing useful for your portfolio. Just be patient and do as much as you can in your spare time.
Ask around family and friends if they have logos or flyers etc they might need.

With the illustration work, I think you need a few more commercial projects to show.


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First page needs more 'this is what I do' type of thing, if it wasn't for us linking in knowing it's a portfolio we wouldn't really know.

The work being shown however, imo, seems to give off the 'just out of college/university' vibe, at least in the non illustrative work and while theres nothing wrong with the work you're showing you also say you graduated in 2013. As an employer I'd be maybe looking for work that has a bit of your personality in it because pretty much anyone can do the 'by the numbers' approach you get taught at college/uni. I know from my own work how much it evolved in the first few years after uni so if I was looking at a portfolio I'd like to see how you've evolved if you get me.