Website Critique

I do like it. Colours aren't my favourite but if that's the nursery's choice then you can't do much.

One thing I will say is that once you actually get on the site, the green colour in the header is different to the colours on each margin, just a niggle but will tidy it up a bit.

I would also try and break up the large blocks of text with a few more pictures or illustrations as currently I feel like theres a lot to read.

Hope this helps.

Thanks :)
try a gradient on the grass and the sky, that'll make it look a lot better :)

otherwise, i rather like it to be honest. feels like it fits with what i imagine the target audience to be :)
Well I think it's fantastic it really does suit the target audience/client. It's fun but informative and I think it's an overall fantastic design :).
Nice feel to it. Although really try and push to change the colour of the text - red on green will create a nightmare for those who have dificautly with colours (colour blind folk).

Your homepage is an image with image maps which is also not the best for accessibility.

Also, Rooms and Facilities doesn't validate because you use and uppercase U to underline your h2s. You can remove them as you already have text-decoration: underline on your h2 in your css. Nursery Details also has some easily fixed code issues. The Contact page is a bit buggered too, but I guess its due to teh contact form, so no worries there.