Weblink to Reseller website with design facility

Andy Bailey

New Member

We do mainly embroidery an clothing printing for schools and businesses ect. We have a website which gets a fair bit of traffic and would like to use this.

What i am looking for is to be a reseller of a similar service to vistaprint (but better) Somewhere our visitors and customers can go and design the items by themselves and order print and then they get delivered to us or directly to them unbranded.

I dont mid paying a monthly subscription but dont want to pay a massive setup charge.

Does anybody have any companies they can suggest, i have seen sensecreative and that look similar to what we want but alot on here dont recommend them


Hi Andy

We offer a reseller scheme but we don't offer the design feature as it's a bit naff really, lots of companies all using the same designs, you would be better off offering a professional design service to enable customers to have a bespoke design (even outsource the design to someone on here if you can't do it yourself).

Hope that helps.
Hi Andy, I've been looking at this too. As 'Boss Hog' says there are some online design features that are 'a bit naff' still, theres no getting away from the fact that there are some good ones out there. I see an opportunity with my business to win print orders from people that don't have a PDF and don't have the budget to pay for my design skills. There is a market for that, no two ways about it and I'm not one for sticking my head in the sand. So I was looking for a while and came across the usual suspects.

Recently though I saw this: http://www.w3p.com/uk/w3shop/

Friend of mine is a designer and she creates designs for Templatecloud.com in her spare time and pointed me to this. Looks like you can build you own print shop from a theme and include the editable designs from templateCloud (which are produced by designers so not the usual 'same old templates).

I'm exploring this, sounds a bit too good to be true tbh. So I'll keep you posted but you should take a look Andy.