Web Magazines!?


Just wondering, I once got told about a web magazine to look out for called eye, it was a quarterly magazine I think, but I've never seen it.

I havnt been keeping up with any new news for the past 6 months now and I am interested new stuff. Online blogs and news articles I tend to not look at.... And plus I want to get of the computer every once in a while to read whats new.

So.. What do you suggest as a good web design/developers magazine?

Here's a link to Eye Magazine (the magazine is about Graphic Design and not Web Design).

A web magazine that I read every month is .Net

One thing you should definitely consider is keeping up to date with online blogs and tutorials as this content is often better than any magazine.
Do you reckon .net is the better one?

Ive had a flick through .net in WHSmith. But not tend to buy one yet.

I do read online blogs and stuff occasionaly, not as much as i would read a mag, but i try not to stay on mac all the time aswell. I like the idea of having something in my hand to read.

Cheers for the suggestions though.
While .net doesn't have same focus on design and creativity as something like Computer Arts, it has so many useful articles and features and is apparently the best-selling web magazine in the world.