Web Development work from home?



Hi! Does anyone know about a reliable site where I can find gigs related to web development? The local studios and companies ask for too much and I feel every time I go there I just waste my time waiting for them to call me or whatever, I want to work, please help!
Why not try an outsourcing site such as elance or getafreelancer. These sites let you create an account usually free and then you can bid on projects to complete at home. When you have completed the project to the buyers satisfaction you get paid for your work.

This is a very competitive market so you will need to build a good reputation. So start by offering you services cheap then increase your prices once you get a lot of good feedback.

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Hope this helps
If you can handle the design side as well as the development then your best way to start out is to approach local businesses. Especially at the moment businesses will be looking for a cheaper option to large agencies and you should easily be able to under cut them as working from home your overheads are very low.