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Morning guys,

I'd like some quotes for a website based on the following specifications if I may.

- Design already in place, just needs to be built.
- Around 10 pages.
- Editable info/images/events, so need a CMS.
- Some form of booking system for events/camps.
- No e-commerce bits, Paypal links, credit card info input at this stage but may want that added in the future so if I could get a quote with and without that please.

Think that's it. If you need more info get in touch.

Cheers. :icon_cheers:
Hi Ross,
I'm fairly busy for the next 1-2 months so I wouldn't be in a position to start the job straight away. If this isn't a problem I can definitely put a quote together for you with the different options you have specified.

Cheers :icon_smile:
Like richimgd I am a bit tied up next couple of weeks so when is your start and finish deadline?
Hi guys. Right now my client doesn't have a firm deadline set, but I've just emailed and asked for a roughish idea of when he'd like it up and running. At this stage he's just focusing on the finances.

To be honest I've already told him it isn't going to happen quickly. So if you could give me some rough estimates, I'll get back to him and see if they fit in with his budget/deadline.

Thanks :icon_thumbup:
We can give you a quote!

Hi we can help estimate a time of around 6 weeks to be live. email me for a quote Nic
Hi guys, my client has made his decision now so thanks everyone for putting quotes together. As always, much appreciated. :icon_thumbup:
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