Web design training package deal?

Morning all,

I have been sent this email through Groupon that i signed up to years back. Normally the deals they send through do not appeal to me but today i have received the following link,

92% Off at e-Careers.com

Its is highlighting a web design course deal for £99 self taught, what are your opinions on this and would you invest in the deal. Web design is something i want to get into as i look to increase my skill set.

Or is this a scam, as you get what you pay for etc...

This deal has a limited time frame in which to sign up, so all your opinions are welcome.
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To be honest it is hard to tell without actually seeing the resource material.

This is a friend of mine who runs courses in the US; Adobe Dreamweaver Blog: Tutorials, Tips & News the course would need to come close to this standard I think. BTW, I don't agree with all of the training methods/opinions he offers (there are always a few ways to do things in web) but he is very good.
At first, saving over £1000 sounds too good to be true, but they're just giving you access to learning material online. The question is, how good is that learning material? And how good is the 11 hour support they're offering?

It doesn't sound too bad for the price, but a lot of what they're teaching could potentially be self-taught for free by simply using Google.

Personally I'd want to see some examples of what they actually teach/produce first.
If what you want to get is professional training services on internet marketing, web and graphic design, Adobe desktop software and more, then you should be trained by only the best, right? There are a lot of companies offering different web design courses and HTML training. You just need to be thorough and smart about picking the right deal for you.
At only £99 with the 92% off, I'd say its worth a shot, as it is a fantastic saving. The worst that can happen is that you'll learn something. What you will learn will more than likely be worth more than the £99, as Groupon's RRP is usually correct to value.