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Hi there all....I am still new to the forum and we are thinking of redoing our quotation's visual look. Does anyone have any reccomendations or samples of what looks good, and is easy for our customers to read?
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What is it that you need exactly? Are you looking for a website designer as your thread title says "Web design quotations"?

I do a quote just on word and put my logo on it. Kinda boring. So I was curious what everyone else out there does for their quotations? I was thinking of redoing it to have a nice visual look, and making sure its not too complicated for our customers.

Any examples or people tips on what they have learned over the years on whats good or bad on a quotation would be good advice.
I think you hit the nail on the head, you need to keep quotes simple.

Our quote form consists of our logo at the top with contact details clearly displayed and then just the quote details below, nothing more.

We send ours as PDF's though not word documents.
Yeah I do the same.

Content on the left hand side, and prices on the right. Then my terms and conditions at the bottom.
I have a few design elements on my quote forms and invoices but nothing over the top.

Documents are Word files but I send out as PDF via e-mail. I only really send by post if requested from the client.

A hard copy quote?! Strange! I understand the need for a hard copy of the contract, or maybe even of the specifications... but for the quote? Weird :D

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