Web Design Feedback JustinMarch.com

I have redesigned my website (www.justinmarch.com) and would love a little bit of feedback from graphicdesignforums.

It’s a complete redesign including the visual aspect, code, SEO and some parts of the content.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts on how it could be improved.

Personally, I think it's miles too wordy, and not set out in a particularly inviting way. I don't think anyone will read it all. Simplify.
you should use a .co.uk name which Google will rank higher than .com for British searches, all other things being equal of course.
@ knorthfield I would noramlly setup using a .co.uk (when targetting the UK) as far as I was aware there were several factors that let google know where a site was focusing on including:
+ Hosting location
+ Webmaster tools settings
+ Location of inbound links
+ The use of .co.uk

As far as I was aware the .co.uk was a nice have not a must have as long as the other aspects were covered, I wasn't aware that (all things being equal) .co.uk domains rank higher in the UK than .COM. Can I ask where you heard about this, perhaps you can dig out the article?

@ SparkCreative I will definately bear that in mind and think about word reduction, the site does currently convert visitors so I guess some people don't mind the text.

Any more thoughts?
It was so long ago I can't remember where I read it, I have seen it mentioned a couple of times though. If you have all those other things sorted then it probably won't make a huge difference but I would still expect it to make a small contribution.

When I say all things being equal you will probably never be in that situation. ie. having a competitor ranked exactly the same the only difference being .co.uk he would place 1 higher than you.

So in summary it is a nice to have but I just prefer playing it safe and not leaving anything to chance with SEO.

Quick Take on .co.uk vs. .com | SEOmoz
Yeah I read that too (notice new comment at base).

I started the site with dilusions of grandure so probably wont change this as the 301 redirect may sap some of the strength of the site.

Its ranking in the UK in any case so am not worried, if I was that concerned I would probably move to a keyword rich .co.uk domain name.

Any more about the design of the site?