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Hi all

another strange request for help!! I am working on a booklet that needs to be waterproof (at very least splash proof) for a swimming academy. They use them for the children. Can anybody point me in a direction for who might be able to produce these or even paper suppliers? I am looking at around 200 to start A5 16 page booklets.

You can either go for laminating the pages or there is a polyester paper which is tear-proof and water-proof. I have digitally printed on it in the past.... but can't recall who made it. Probably Xerox make a paper now for digital printing. You would have to wirobind the books. I could provide a quote if you pm me the details.
There are a coupleof polyester papers as the OP mentioned.

I seem to recall that Robert Horne did one. There's Tyvek too; love that stuff though it's a bit pricey.
I print on waterproof paper all the time. Yes it is a xerox stock, not a cheap stock but very good.

Once printed on even the print is completely waterproof, I print teaching sheets for scuba diving on the stuff. I will comfirm the price tomorrow once back in the office, do you have an email address to sent it to.

Also you do not have to wiro bind, i do saddle stitch this material, if you require


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