Wanted: Cow Gum information


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I am trying to source an original Cow Gum tin.
I don't mind if it's old and a bit battered or brand new and never used. Full or empty.
Or even some good references of the tins so I can recreate one.
I started work at a Graphic Design company in 1975 and Cow Gum was an everyday tool of the trade along with the millions of sheets of Letraset and the lovely smelling Magic Markers.
I want to have a tin of the old stuff on my desk and I am struggling to find one. I know they sell 'Studio Gum' now, but it doesn't have the same look as the old tins did.
The lovely tin with 'Cow' right across the front . . . . ahhhh. Stop dreaming!

Can you help?
Happy to pay for anything you have. I know this is an odd request, but if you don't ask you don't get.

Hope this is in the correct section.