Want to be creative but feel restrained by existing University work


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Hello everyone!

I have come to an issue this summer which is frustrating me to no end.

I currently have a cravingt o design some nice pieces of work, I have sketched it out and what not but it will take a while to complete the final pieces/set but it is free creativity and I cant wait to get started... But I have a summer brief for university that needs to be done, It should show 11weeks worth of work, So what? you may ask.

Well because of this over looming deadline everytime I start work on my own designs that will make me happy and surely be a portfolio piece, I have a feeling of guilt and a voice in my head that says "Stop wasting your time with this whilst you have a deadline, any free time should be spent doing your WORK". So I force myself to do my work which is very structured so I can exactly be self expressive..

Any advice on how to go about this? How am I meant to spend the little free time I have between work and sleeping?!
Spend a week on your uni work now then put it to one side for a few weeks while you do your own thing and come back to it before you go back to uni. The break should mean that you'll be able to look at the project with fresh eyes and improve on the work if possible.
Sleep less...

If only this was possible. But saying this, dont you ever feel like even when you have the ability to spend hours and hours on something you come toa point where your brain refuses to keep spitting out creativity into something you cannot grasp because of lack of passion?
Do I understand this right? Your university wants you to go back in the autumn and be able to demonstrate that you spent 11 weeks working on a design brief over the summer?
11 weeks work on one project is totally unrealistic - what they want to see surely is your progession/thoughts/development - not the project done in a mad rush at the end of your holiday. Unis realise that students have to have a break, earn some money etc. Dave's idea of starting, then letting the ideas fester in your brain while you do other things is the right approach. All designers have a think time once you have started the project/got the brief. Brainstorm the college work for a couple of days and then leave it a week, tackle it again etc. Gives you time to relax and enjoy something else too.

(Sleep less was facetious, obviously!)
As in working life - prioritise. Do what needs to be done first. If you can find time to create the other elements you enjoy - do those in spare time - but not if they compromise your priority work (Uni).

Sounds obvious - but a lot of folk spend entire life not doing so.

And do sleep less.