Want to be a graphic designer?


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I am currently in 5th year and interested in a career in graphic design. However, most college courses ask for art and design, whereas I've never taken it before and not very good at drawing. I'm very enthusiastic about graphic design, so can you apply for a course without art and design? And can you become a graphic designer without being very good at drawing?
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Yeah sure you can. You will find that the more you draw the better you get at it. Good Luck
Yep you most definitely can. I'm not very good at drawing but it has never stopped me from doing my designs. You don't have to be strong at drawing to be a graphic designer these days, that's what illustrators are for. After I passed my graphic design A-levels, I stayed in college an extra year and did an art and design foundation course, BTEC I believe? Then went to uni to get my BA Hons in graphic design. From what I can remember, you don't have to go through the art and design route to get onto a graphic design course, but it makes it a hell of a lot easier to get on having qualifications in art and design, hence why I did it. I would also recommend it, it was great fun and you get to meet some great people.
I'm a newcomer to the forum, so thanks for the help guys and I feel a lot better knowing I'm not the only one with this problem. I might take your advice and do art design in my 6th year at high school. Will you be allowed if you haven't taken it before? And is it difficult for someone who hasn't taken it before?