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I've been reading through the HTML stuff on the w3schools website and it makes HTML seem really simple but some of the information has baffled me. There are sections that start by saying You shouldn't use tables... here's how make tables. or You shouldn't use style attributes... Here's how to define a font with a style attribute... Why oh why do they insist on including tutorials and instructions on how NOT to work? I know I can't expect a single document to include all the information on writing code but surely sticking to the point would be far more beneficial than wondering off into teaching people how to do what they shouldn't be doing and then telling them they shouldn't be doing it.
Tables and fonts with style attributes still have their place in HTML emails though don’t they?

I guess they just need to cover all the bases.
Ive got the HTML Dog book at home (its currently on the radiator after my 3 year old spilled ribeana on it), I was looking more for something to pass a couple of hours at work this aft.
HTML is the code used for content structure, CSS is the code used for content style.
Well you could do it all in HTML (like I mentioned above, for HTML emails perhaps), but if you use CSS then you make your life a lot easier by referencing a single external style sheet. So you set your structure up in HTML and then when you want to make it look pretty - over the whole website - you just change one (CSS) file.
Do a few tutorials like Big Dave’s mentioning and you will get the hang of it straight away.
I can certainly recommend reading through w3schools.com's pages on html. I think it took about an hour to work through the basics and get a rough grasp on it all. Some of it I remembered from college and some of it I've ignored for now (eg forms, frames & iframes). The HTML dog is a really good buy too! I actually prefer having a physical book in front of me as the words seem to go in easier and it means my screen is free for trying out tutorials etc.