Vinyl Cover Project

At uni I am doing a vinyl cover design project and am thinking about how to go about it..
At first I was going to ask people what their favourite or first LP was and then do a redesign of it.
Then it came up that people wont want them to be redesigned due to the sentimental value they will have with the LP and the artwork.
Then I thought of asking people if there is a cover they would have redesigned and what would it be? Then redesign it and show it to the person and get feedback

I want it to involve people and maybe I can document the people through photography. And the people I ask will most likely be record shop workers so they are easily accessible and should be happy enough to help me.

Basically just a call for a bit of help or advice for the project
Thanks in advance
Rather than ask what their favourite one was ask, which one they were most disappointed with...redesign that!
As Kate said. Why not focus on LP's that people like the music, but arn't so keen on the actual designs of the covers. You can still use LP's that mean something to people, and perhaps incorporate associated imagery etc.. into the designs.